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GRATOR ticket Scratcher
GRATOR Scratcher

Original and effective promotional product, for use with scratch-games and prepaid phone cards. Presented in different shapes, it fits all types of marketing operations :
promotional key ring, business gifts, sales promotion, point of sale animation, free gift, sales generation, building of customer loyalty, direct marketing, advertising specialty, incentives, etc.

llavero original, porta chiave
The pocket ashtray

Light and compact, the pocket ashtray
is always handy.
Reliable and practical, with a secure closure system and a folding lid.
Eco-fiendly, it helps to protect environment by preventing the careless disposal of cigarette ends.

New product eco-friendly, cenicero de bolsilloBeach Ashtray, cenicero, portacenere

Kéol provides conception and production of scratch-card operations. Competition game contest, mailing or questionnaire, we will give you tailored solutions. For your commercial events, exhibitions, trade show, anniversary, actions in stimulation and motivation, etc.

scratch cards

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