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Presentation : Eco-Friendly Pocket Ashtray Eco-Friendly: The Eco-friendly Pocket Ashtray helps to prevent careless disposal of cigarette ends in environment Functions : Practical and useful, the pocket ashtray provides many using functions and high-performance systems Colours : The Pocket Ashtray is provided in eight shimmering colours because there is no accounting for taste
Promotional Item : The eco-friendly pocket ashtray, promotional and advertising gift for enhancing your brand image Retail Sales : eco-friendly pocket ashtray is provided in a pack with a display for general public point-of-sales Technical Specifications : Technical elements for the personalised pocket ashtray, with standard colours and advertising area

The Pocket Ashtray is provided in many colours because there is no accounting for taste.
Like a chameleon, it changes in eight different colours : yellow, orange, red, light green, forest green, sky blue, night blue and white.

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Multiplicity of colours gives a wide choice to the users. Indeed, the Pocket Ashtray is a personal object. According to this, it is legitimate to choose the colour that someone prefers.
Consequently, in retail stores, the Pocket Ashtray is provided in all colours.

In its advertising version, the diversity of colours gives the possibility to opt for the suitable colour according to colours of logo, graphic charter, or to colour code of brand promotion.
Furthermore, with the same advertising personalisation, it is possible to mix these different colours, with no extra-cost. An economical mean that gives choice to your customers.

All the colours are available in stock.

From 5,000 pieces, we produce the Pocket Ashtray in a specific PMS colour. For single design, totally personalised

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