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The GRATOR Scratcher is synonymous with innovation.
This patented product is the fruit of research in ergonomics and good design, making scratching even more enjoyable and enhancing your communication with an effective promotional item.

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The Grator Scratcher is the indispensable scraper to the millions of people who play scratch-card games. With this new gadget they don’t have to get their fingernails dirty any more.
Because it’s so small and light, it will fit into a pocket or wallet, or can be attached to a key ring. This means your client will always have your advertising object with him.

Promotional gifts, fabricacion llavero, fabbricazione porta chiave


The criteria and style inherent in modern design inspire the GRATOR Scratcher. An indentation, copying the shape of the thumb, provides comfort and gives a tactile anti-stress sensation.
Its tapered shape and variety of colors make the GRATOR Scratcher an attractive advertising product, and this aesthetic aspect enhances the perception of your communication by the customers.

GRATOR Scratcher, Best Marketing Idea
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