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grator scratcher retail sales

The GRATOR Scratcher key ring is provided in a pack for retail sales to general public in point-of-sales.

The GRATOR Scratcher is a patented product especially designed for use with scratch-cards.
It meets new expectations generated by two phenomenon of society :

Lottery scratch-cards games have become an inescapable fact of life in many countries around the world.
With the success of mobile phone, today there are more and more pre-paid phone cards. Now each card contains a scratch-ink area with a pin code to be revealed.

Indispensable tool for scratch-cards, keyring and lucky-charm, the GRATOR Scratcher holds all the winning cards to conquer consumers.

It is naturally marketed in network of retailers, specialised in Lottery games and pre-paid phone-cards.
Original and attractive, it can also be marketed in gadgets and souvenirs shops.

The GRATOR Scratcher key-ring is suggested in a assortment of 5 shimmering translucent colours : orange, blue, green, purple and pink. So it offers a wide choice for customers.
It is also decorated with a pattern of four-leaf cleaver.

The GRATOR Scratcher Key-ring offer includes a suitable transparent display.

GRATOR SCRATCHER, retail sales, bulky display box
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