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Presentation : GRATOR Scratcher, innovative promotional item Sales Promotion : Grator Scratcher, free gifts for sales operation Sales Generation : grator scratcher, with scratch-card games Promotional Products : GRATOR Scratcher, advertising gift for customer loyalty
Innovative Product : grator scratcher, for use with scratch cards Colours : grator scratcher, full colors for advertising specialty 3 design : grator scratcher, personalised promotional keyrings References : grator scratcher, corporate products Technical Specification : grator scratcher, personalized promotional items
Patented product, the GRATOR Scratcher is especially designed for use with instant lottery scratch-card games.

Advertising product, it is the ideal communication medium for lotteries promotional operations.
GRATOR Scratcher lottery

Since 1997, year of its creation, the GRATOR Scratcher has became the reference for Lotteries worldwide.
Consult our references.
It won the prize of Best Marketing Idea awarded by European Lotteries.

In order to celebrate its 10th anniversary, Kéol, creator and exclusive manufacturer
of GRATOR Scratcher, gives a special offer for Lotteries.
Contact us for more information about this offer.

The GRATOR Scratcher is synonymous with innovation. It is the fruit of research in ergonomics and good design, making scratching even more enjoyable and enhancing your communication.

Kéol guarantees you quality and responsiveness to meet all your expectations.
Do not hesitate to contact us to receive brochure, samples or a specific offer.

GRATOR Scratcher, Best Marketing Idea
lottery quotation samples


2007 is an exceptionnal year with two Lucky Days :
April Friday the 13th. and July Friday the 13th.

instant game friday 13th

Two major events for all lotteries players worldwide.

Celebrate these Lucky Days with giving to your customers a GRATOR Scratcher key-ring decorated with a lucky-charm.

And push the luck !

Realizations of promotional products.
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Atlantic Lottery, British Columbia Lottery,
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